How to use the Laser Cutter

Jeff Johnson • 5 May 2019
Event date 9 May '19 18:00 - 21:00
Event location Chatt*Lab MakerSpace • 100 Cherokee Blvd, Chattanooga, 37405, TN, United States

NOTE: This meetup will be starting at 6pm so we have enough time. Pizza will be provided for attendees so they have time to get to the workshop and not miss dinner. During the first half hour, attendees can eat while the presenter gives the inkscape basics demonstration.

In this workshop, we will start in a training room environment and will go over the basics of Inkscape and Retina Engrave and in particular, how to prepare your work for cutting or engraving.

During the training session, attendees will be guided on how to make their own box joint box with their own lettering.

After the classroom training, we will step into the FabLab and attendees will cut out their design and materials will be provided.

Due to the amount of time at the laser, the workshop will be limited to 5 attendees max. Cost is $50 to the general public, $30 for Chattlab members. This workshop will hopefully be taught monthly.

Note, people that take this workshop can audit it for free on future months (minus the laser cutting). People that choose to audit it can exceed the 6 attendee limit. To audit it, don't RSVP, just show up.

To participate, you MUST bring a laptop installed with Inkscape (free program) and a USB jump drive. Contact me (Jeff) if you have questions or instructions on how to do this. Please refer to: for a link to Inkscape.

Please note, this workshop does not include detailed usage of Inkscape, but rather an introduction to it, some basic operations. You're encouraged to do Inkscape tutorials for this.

In the event we get less than 2 attendees (auditing participants included), the workshop is subject to cancellation to the following month.


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