Inkscape and Lasercutter tips and tricks

Lee Walker • 7 February 2019
in group Laser Cutting
Event date 17 Feb '19 13:00 - 14:30
Event location Chatt*Lab MakerSpace • 100 cherokee blvd, Chattanooga, 37405, TN, United States

On Sunday, February 17 I'll be hosting a workshop on the basics of using our lasercutter with inkscape.

This workshop will talk about 60 to 90 minutes as there are a lot of topics to cover. The basic piece will take all of 5-10 minutes, but the real meat of this workshop will be on lessons I've learned with some of the idiosyncrasies of Inkscape and how you can hopefully do what you want the first time and not waste your material and time. If you want to cut out a circle or a square, it's easy. More complex jobs will drive you nuts, and hopefully you can learn from my mistakes.

Topics covered will include (but not limited to).
- Connectivity issues. Why won't it connect?
- Why is it not lasing?
- How do I know what power to use?
- How do I keep my vector off of the raster part of the job?
- How do I raster gray scale?
- How do I use the box wizard?
- How do I get a file from Thingiverse and be able to cut it on our laser?

This workshop will be $10 for members and funds will be used to go towards our laser parts fund. Nonmember cost is $30.

Note. For those of you who have other learnings that you think should be included, email me directly and I'll try to add it to the workshop.


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