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3DP (three dimensional printing) has been a catalyst for makers in many parts of the world. It is a popular vehicle to introduce people to the concept of making and Chattanooga is another place this is ringing true.

Whether you remain starry eyed about 3dp or if you are just sick of seeing yet another 3dp at your local Maker Faire, or makerspace, you cannot deny the impact this technology has had upon the level of consciousness in the US with regard to making. Some are saying 3dp in the hands of consumers may be, retrospectively, considered the turning point for manufacturing in the US and perhaps the world.

For some we are late to the party, for others this is all brand new. Nevertheless, it is happening now in Chattanooga. The ‘it’ being a step up in the consciousness of 3dp and of making, in general.

Evidence the Maker Day: Thinking in 3D event happening March 16th, 2013. We have worked alongside the Chattanooga Public Library 4th Floor and the Co.Lab to plan this event.

Currently the agenda planned includes a 3D printer exposition of local makers and, if all goes as planned, a 3D printing competition with prizes. Please join us in what appears to be a fun and informative event.

You can sign up for more information on the home page: www.chamakers.org

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