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Make it! Day at the Creative Discovery Museum will be a celebration of making for kids during Engineering Week and we and other maker centric groups will be there front and center.

It is no secret the Creative Discovery Museum here in Chattanooga is one of our favorite places. My twins will pick it as their choice of destination 9 out of 10 times when offered. There is so much for them to do and see and it is immersive and interactive. They absolutely love it.

We’ve been talking with the CDM for some time and they are really into the maker movement. This makes total sense. In many ways the very nature of the museum is really in synch with the spirit of learning by doing. With child education by doing at the center of the maker scene and a huge source of personal motivation, the CDM is a welcome partner at the table here in Chattanooga.

If you want to participate please contact us or the CDM directly.
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