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IMG_20130308_210718When Nate Hill from the Chattanooga Public Library’s 4th Floor asked if we could cut a giant ‘4’ out on the CNC router vs doing it by hand, it was a no brainer. Jason and I recognized this as another opportunity to take the CNC router to the next level of build and understanding.

We’ve been working on the CNC router at a bit of a snail’s pace so we were glad to get it to the point where it could do something productive. We are quite pleased with the results, a little backlash not withstanding. We’ll keep improving this machine over time. Big thanks to Nate for the challenge, and to Jason for making it happen in every way.

We actually cut a small test about 8 inches high and were going to present that to Nate in a This is Spinal Tap moment, but he caught the pictures through the Internet, so that joke is completely deflated.

Videos of the CNC router in action can be found scattered about the Chatt*lab YouTube Channel.

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