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Growing up there are two themes in my relationship with my Dad that were consistently present: 007 movies and restoring old cars. For years I really had a suspicion my Dad actually was James Bond.

So you can imagine the shock to my comfort zone as I sat through what appeared to be the utter destruction of an Aston Martin DB5 in the most recent Bond movie Skyfall. Seeing the old DB5 go BOOM was a bit of a jaw dropper as these cars really have no limit to their value. For a quick tour of the DB5 history and some 007 history interjected refer to this article.

Thankfully, and I guess I’m late to this news, the car destroyed was actually a model that was 3D printed on a voxeljet VX4000 for accuracy. I can tell you this was a relief as I was utterly convinced the fireballing of the DB5 in the movie appeared as real as anything I’ve seen. I look for inaccuracies in films constantly particularly when it comes to special effects but CGing that sort of destruction is just not quite possible…yet.
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