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  • Chromecast added to the TV.

  • Did a bit of cleaning up the fab lab tonight.

  • We have a new crafting area! Looking for ideas...

  • Dropped a couple of new fuses in the Rostock and threw a bag of spares behind the panel. It's ready for the next steps in getting it back in service.

  • I'm definitely having too much fun with the new laser cutter.

  • Hello everyone! Prusa gave me the okay with the 3D printer working. They based this off of a successful print of the Prusa Pug "Buddy". I used the gcode that was provided by Prusa for this print. After attempting several prints today, it seems the issue still comes from attempting to print circles. Could Prusa have optimized their gcode for their Buddy print, which would mean I'm just bad at slicing and generating my own gcode? I plan on firmware resetting as well as contacting Prusa on Monday. I'm just curious if anyone had an opinion about other forms of troubleshooting.
    ***Prusa really upped their youtube channel in the last few days, I hadn't even realized. I considered deleting this point, but would still love to hear if anyone has any comments.***

  • Big CNC has its main bed done!

  • Chattlab, use this ac port for tablesaw. It won't trip

  • Julia getting all sparkly

  • Taylor Bench

  • I got Social Sharing to work.
    You can share Topics and Events to Facebook and Twitter.
    The sidebar has the sharing icons.

  • The Maslow CNC is operational (except for something broke last night on it's z-axis motor - but Jack and I almost have that fixed - 30 minute repair job)! Sorry I was unable to demo last Tuesday. Will do my best to show it off this Tuesday. My goal is to have a Raspberry Pi touchscreen kiosk that we can all use tk load our files/gcode and run the machine. If anyone would like to help me with that (I have all the pi hardware already) please let me know: Here's the guide I'll be following:

  • Pictured: Jeff Johnson works on the platform base of the bigger 4x8 CNC last night... in an attempt to catch up to the now operational, slightly smaller/slower 4x8 vertical Maslow CNC.

  • HEY!! Don't forget about me... I've been absent these last few weeks due to starting a new job...But, I SHALL RETURN!!!

  • Someone was a bad maker

  • Welcome to chattlab

  • Hello all